I Volti del Coraggio

“The important thing is not establishing whether you’re afraid or not, but being able to live with your fear without being influenced by it. That’s what courage is. Otherwise it’s not courage anymore, but recklessness.”

Giovanni Falcone

From Claude Goretta and Marcelle Padovani’s documentary “The enemies of the Mafia: the solitude of Judge Falcone”, 1988

Discreetly, subtly slipping in. Quietly, unobtrusively watching and striving to capture gestures and get a glimpse into the soul, in an attempt to encapsulate the frank, fervent thoughts and principles of these illustrious figures interviewed by the journalist Ivan Vadori. I portrayed people who go to “battle” with their actions and words by looking at them from the perspective of a third party who sits to one side and quietly listens, watches and takes note of everything.
“People” rather than “personalities”, these men and women have bravely chosen to stick their necks out and protest against illegal acts and failures in the justice system.
These journalists, magistrates, historians, activists, friends and relatives of Peppino Impastato are the ones who serve as his voice today.

The photographs can be found in “La Voce di Impastato” (“Impastato’s Voice”), a book that was written by the journalist Ivan Vadori and published by Nuovadimensione.