Renzo Agosto Architetto

“Renzo Agosto Architetto 1930-2015” is a book all about the design and construction work done by the Friulian architect Renzo Agosto in a career spanning more than 40 years, as well as his very specific take on what it meant to be and work as an architect. He focused on quality in his projects and never failed to take an eager approach to research.

The publication covers all of the steps taken in his professional life, but it is the look at his designs – both those that were brought to fruition and those that were not – that reveals a form of expression based on a tireless quest for modernity and an innovative vision of housing. Pictures and photographs tell the story of his education, his teachers and his models. They appear alongside the memories of his students, friends and colleagues.

Edited by the architect Alessio Princic and published by Il Poligrafo