Ritratti 50

“Ritratti 50 – Cinquant’anni di architettura” (“Portraits 50 – Fifty years of architecture”) is a book that was published to celebrate the 50-year careers of 11 architects from the Province of Udine who have designed and built structures all over the world.

11 young architects interviewed them, gathering their stories and the secrets to their architectural approaches so that their invaluable heritage could be passed on to others, especially from younger generations.
The project was devised by OAPPC (the Association of architects, landscape architects and conservation specialists) of the Province of Udine and published by Gaspari Editore.

The architects featured in the book are Renzo Agosto, Adriano Conti, Lorenzo Giacomuzzi Moore, Federico Marconi, Emilio Mattioni, Enzo Pascolo, Giovanni Picco, Alberto Tondolo, Franco Vattolo, Alessandro Vittorio, and Vittorio Zanfagnini.