Ex SS251

There is something truly spectacular about nature reclaiming our great constructions: accompanied by a music CD, this photography book depicts the slow healing process on the site of the former SS251 state road running through the Zoldo and Cellina valleys. Alambic Conspiracy, in conjunction with the Circolo Culturale Menocchio, presents a visual and audio interpretation of the mechanisms used by nature to reorganize urban territory, choosing dub as the means of theorizing about a Musical Third Landscape.

The book was previewed at the 2013 Pordenonelegge Festival.

A road is a wound inflicted by humans on the landscape. It is not a fatal wound and it will slowly heal. Once they are abandoned, all things created by humans will eventually be swallowed back up again by nature.
The transition from an anthropized landscape to a natural landscape involves an intermediate stage that forms a kind of middle ground: a “third landscape”.

Gilles Clément