Il Teatro e la sua città

“Il teatro e la sua città” (“The theatre and its city”) is a book that was published by Bottega Errante Edizioni to mark the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine (the Giovanni da Udine New Theatre).

I was asked by the theatre to contribute to the design of the book. In my photo shoot, I started out aiming to showcase the architectural marvels of the various parts of the building and ended up telling the story of what happens “behind the scenes”, in all the places that are not normally open to the public. They have a crucial, indispensable part to play in the smooth running of the incredible inner workings of the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, which is at the heart of Udine’s vibrant cultural life.

This job meant a huge amount to me because my blend of professional, photographic and personal passions was reflected in the combination of different perspectives, relating not only to architecture and the use of the building but also more specifically to events (I have been producing reportages on shows at the theatre for years). 

The 25 years since the opening deserved to be presented from the points of view – which vary, making them even more distinctive and interesting – of those who have got to know, spent time and worked in the theatre with the utmost professionalism, but also by showcasing the feelings, ideas and projects that have made their mark on it and established the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine as a place that is not just beautiful and sophisticated, but also somewhere that caters to the needs of the local area. It has done this so successfully that it has become an irreplaceable hub for members of the art and culture world, as well as devoted, proud and enthusiastic audiences.

The book was edited by Paolo Patui and Francesca Tamburlini, with copy and contributions by Alessandra Biasi, Mario Brandolin, Roberto Canziani, Liliana Cargnelutti, Gianni Cianchi, Elena Commessatti, Fabiana Dallavalle, Angelo Floramo, Stefano Laudato, Maurizio Mattiuzza, Roberto Meroi, Gian Paolo Polesini, Alvise Rampini, and Alessandro Venier.