Volontari Perchè

The book entitled “Volontari Perchè – quarant’anni di impegno e passione” pays tribute to the extraordinary strength of volunteering and it has been released on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of UNPLI Friuli Venezia Giulia Committee’s foundation.

“The first forty years of activity of Pro Loco Friuli Venezia Giulia’s Committee deserved to be properly celebrated, in order to preserve the memory of an important path of development and attention for our territories and local communities, always playing an important role of social promotion. Hence the book “Volontari Perché” (…), which depicts in its assumption the people – captured by a camera’s lens and portrayed in an intense photo insert – who make up our volunteering, a world full of many facets, passion and commitment.”
Valter Pezzarini, President of UNPLI Friuli Venezia Giulia Committee, November 2023

Under the artistic direction of Silvia Toneatto and logistical coordination of Barbara Battaia, in early September 2023 we realized the portraits’ photo shooting commissioned by the Committee and displayed in the following gallery. It has been an intense experience, rich of interesting hints, as Silvia brilliantly explains in the headnote to the photo insert:

“Our aim was to give a face to those people who have always only shown their heart and soul, laying low and hard-working; to give them the fitting tribute for the passion and the spare time they always spend for the community.
What emerged from the lens was the embarrassment of those who are not used to showing off and favour the ethics of “doing” over the practice of “appearing”. The recurring phrase among the volunteers: “I’ve never taken so many photos in my life!” gradually gave way to big smiles and courageous gazes. While shooting and listening to people, stories emerged full of satisfaction, joy and appreciaton, funny curiosities or fond memories of those who used to work with them and are no longer here.
We hope we have managed to capture the very essence of everyday people, representing a heterogeneous part of Friulian society made up of small, sometimes tiny realities. Common denominator: a generous and collective approach looking at what to do.
Needless to say that shooting days ended with laughter and good food, which Pro Loco volunteers typically bring with them on various occasions.”